The Darren Waller Foundation

Dealing Hope To At-Risk Youth

Darren Waller’s long struggle with substance abuse almost cost him the opportunity of a lifetime – a lucrative career in the National Football League. Today, the star tight end for the Las Vegas Raiders and great-grandson of the legendary jazz musician Fats Waller, is committed to a healthy, drug-free life and to helping young people across America who are at-risk for substance misuse and abuse.

The Darren Waller Foundation raises funds to provide engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking messages, based on Darren’s personal experiences, that help at-risk youth understand the serious problems and life-changing consequences of substance misuse and abuse.

We support the annual Beyond the Wall Gala. All proceeds from this private event benefit The Darren Waller Foundation’s Against the Wall grant program. The program implements the foundation’s mission to treat local Nevada young adults (ages 18-26) who are battling addiction with 30-day inpatient treatment services, outpatient services, and sober living counseling. To date, 36 grants have been awarded by the Darren Waller Foundation. Thirty recipients have graduated from the program and six are still undergoing treatment.

BRAND Founder and CEO Virginia Martino is honored to serve on The Darren Waller Foundation’s Executive Board. And the entire BRAND team supports the mission of this innovative, dedicated organization.

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